Hosting Opportunities



We have been appointed by well-recognized international sports organizations to promote and to help potential host cities in their bid to organize a world class sporting event (single-sport or multi-sport). Find out more information about the event by clicking on the event logo.



AVC-ESPN Beach Volleyball Supercup



If you are interested to host any of these events, please send us an email at:






Event Opportunities



SportsCore is continuously expanding its pool of talents and welcomes interested individuals in getting involved with the events/projects that are being handled by SportsCore.

Job or volunteer opportunities may be available from time to time.Please email us your CV and we will add it to our database. If you have any specific roles you see on the website you would like to apply in and is suitable for your skills and experience, please do not hesitate to submit your credentials. This does not guarantee an outright job for you but your credentials will be our basis for our selection of event staff. You will only be contacted if your CV is selected to be progressed further in the application process.


E-mail your CV to the email below: